Seth Rich and the obsessed media who want to cover it up.


Kim Dotcom released a statement earlier saying he knew Seth Rich was involved in the DNC-Leak, putting the e-mails from campaign chairman John Podesta out there. Now, why should we believe him? Given he has a track record of not delivering when it matters (about the e-mails he ”had” from Hillary Clinton).

He wants to give a sworn in testimony on the matter. The only requirement from his side is a safe passage to and from the United States. But I personally suspect he’d want some sort of immunity concerning the Megaupload case.

Also, Kim Dotcom is known to be involved in some shape or form with Wikileaks, and it’s not weird to speculate that Megaupload was, in fact, a safe base for Wikileaks to keep their files and upload them. He’s also relatively close to Julian Assange. He stated in a Bloomberg interview that Assange (and Wikileaks) will be Hillary Clinton’s ”worst nightmare” in 2016.

Now, there are a few peculiar things about this whole story right. If everything is settled between his lawyers and the U.S government, he’s likely to give a statement on the matter and, in fact, true, he’d be busting this entire case right open, possibly destroying the entire Russia narrative, which had no base, to begin with.

There’s only one reporter who follows this through.

Sean Hannity. And he’s already being targeted by liberal shills and media alike, calling for advertising boycotts and demonizing him, which always happens when the left-wingers don’t agree with someone. (https://twitter.com/williamlegate is the one who started this, by the way, have a look.)

Sean Hannity is doing everything in his powers to get this coverage, despite getting heat from his own network about it. It’s not a conspiracy theory, like CNN, NBC, ABC, NYT, Politico etc will tell you. Even Seth Rich’s own family is telling media to stop politicizing it. Well, sorry Brad Baumann (Family spokesperson and also Democratic party Crisis PR manager), no can do. I feel bad for the Rich family, being either pressured or bought out. This is not just a life, but a hero’s life. This is the tantrum that was thrown the moment Donald Trump announced he was running for president and is still going on. Not only Donald Trump has suffered from this obviously, considering he is still alive. But they want to make an example out of him like they did with Seth Rich. Don’t f*ck with the DNC.

Have a look at the damage control from Mr.Baumann on twitter a few days ago. If it isn’t obvious now, I don’t know what will make it obvious.

Baumann damage control


2 thoughts on “Seth Rich and the obsessed media who want to cover it up.

  1. Julian Assange is the ONLY person who could clear this up. He has NO interest in saving Hannity from losing his job?


    1. There’s a clear intent from Assange to not disclose any sources Wikileaks has, this includes post-mortum. It’s an honorable thing to do. A job is just a job. Hannity has 2,3 Million twitter followers, he can do keep doing this regardless and get as much exposure.


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