Let’s talk happenings.

So, after a (well deserved) holiday, I’m back to opiniate the happenings of the last 8 or so days. What happened?


  • Reality Leigh Winner story.
  • Iran happening (right now as I’m writing this piece).
  • CNN staging protest @ London Bridge after another terrorist attack in the Brittish Capital.
  • Sadiq Khan wanting to barr Trump entry to U.K.


NSA leaker identity revealed after ‘reporter’ gives info.

Reality Leigh Winner, is it a way to bury another story? #SethRich has gone down in the trending and search rates. Which over time is normal but considering this ‘leaker’ has all the attention now, makes me think. The journalist who gave the authorities all the information has a 10,000$ bounty on his head, made possible by Wikileaks.

reality winner
Reality Winner. Courtesy of NBC News.

Now what did this document say? She leaked a document saying Russian government hackers attempted to hack more than 100 local election officials. They also attempted to hack at least one voting software supplier.

The affidavit confirms this document came from May 5  and the report was received by the news outlet on the same day, so it’s safe to assume it was this document.
Regardless of any truth in this document (as there is absolutely no proof for this right now), this must be treated with caution and regardless of opinion. At this moment she remains under investigation.

Double Iran-Attack

Two attacks happened this morning in the Iranian capital Tehran, where reportedly 12 people have been killed. The Iranian authorities have ended the bloodshed.Smoke is seen during a gunmen attack at the parliament's building in central Tehran

Smoke seen during a gunmen attack at the parliament’s building in Tehran.

The second attack happened at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini where 1 security guard lost his life to the attackers.

This comes at a time political unrest in the Middle-East, Qatar has been punished for keeping positive relations with the Shia-led country and Iran could possibly have faced a backlash from this poolitical bullfighting as well. IS have claimed the attack but it’s widely speculated the terrorist groups gets its funds from somewhere in the Middle-East, most probably by some sunni friends.

CNN Staging protest at London Bridge after terror attack.

                                                                           Video in question

So this has been circulating through social media for a few days now. But this is just another sad attempt to push Islam into our western society. What you have to understand is that Muslims are the bullet. They are problematic, yes, but the gun is someone else (I’ll let you fill that in yourself). CNN is part of this, as is most Mainstream Media. We all know Trump’s election is a thorn in the side of the true establishment, and this is just another way to discredit him AND any other islamo-skeptic person. With the travel-ban going to the SCOTUS it’s going to be an important period for this, and the Mainstream Media is doing everything to influence public opinion that this ideology is a problem, when in reality they are.

Like Sadiq Khan. You can NOT be a mayor of a major city if you believe Terrorism is ‘part of our daily lives’. Let’s hope Trump stays strong and does what he does best: Lead. He’s been a great fit for the office, and been right pretty much most of the time.


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