Comey is a leaker.

So the Comey Hearing yesterday brought some things to light. None of it damaging President Trump, unless you ask the Liberal media. He admitted himself being a leaker, as he leaked the memo content through a friend from Columbia law school. Check it out yourself:


So not only is James Comey now a leaker, he has become the thing U.S intelligence services have fought hard against: leakers. Some view it as a great thing, some not, but the Intelligence community surely does not.

He also disputes the New York Times article from Feb 14 stating Pres. Trump’s advisers and Russian intelligence officials had secret contact with each other. Linking to this article:

But the amount of innuendo is insane. Comey stating he was fired ”because of the way he conducted the Russian investigation”. This damages Pres. Trump because no one exactly knows why Pres. Trump was disenchanted. So much innuendo of a coverup is there.

Comey is a leaker, and the senators were sluggish about it, plain and simple.

Pres. Trump took a few hits on Flynn but nothing that already wasn’t public. There’s no proof of any interference in the U.S election nor is there any proof of collusion with the Russians. It’s a narrative they keep and keep pushing, and Pres. Trump is taking all those hits, but why isn’t Hillary Clinton taking any? She was also running for president, but she’s cleared. Right…




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