Seth Rich questions election commission about ballot integrity. New lead?

Almost a year before either party would choose their candidate to run for President, Seth Rich was caught on video expressing his concerns about ballot integrity before a panel of election-commission officials during a forum.

“I think some of you had spoken about provisional ballots and rejected ballots – I guess we have looked at, as an outside practitioner with a vested interest in training our voters, how do we get better access to data that tells us why ballots are rejected – why ballots are cast as provisional – so that we can analyze that and develop better training guides?”

Rich worked as the voter-expansion data director at the DNC for two years, before being killed in according to the metro police ”a botched robbery”, even though his personal belongings were still on him, and Wikileaks releasing the documents, DNC documents. The e-mails also don’t go any further than the date Rich died.

Have a look for yourself.



As this case is growing colder by the day, after a surge mid-May, it is paramount that any information that is found should be shared as much as possible. Any operation is being shut down HARD by the police under pressure of the top ranking DNC members including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who has herself wrapped in some shady business as well.


Jack Burkman, the director of a PI (private investigator) team in Washington, D.C. that has been trying to solve Rich’s the murder has insisted that officials with the Metropolitan Police Department are  withholding information on purpose about Rich’s case from the public and have been directed to stop the investigation by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser.

And According to Rod Wheeler, private investigator initially hired by the Rich family, has told wnd.com that police were instructed to withhold information from him about the case by former DNC chairman Donna Brazile.

The documents Wikileaks released also contained evidence against Brazile, with her giving questions for upcoming debates to the Clinton team, but not the Sanders team, which Rich was a supporter of, things like these could be the reason he decided to leak these documents.


It’s time to get this case rolling once more, the Mainstream Media is trying to bury this story in whatever way they can. Don’t believe anyone saying this is just a botched robbery, he his too high-profile (even though it may not seem like it at first sight).


One thought on “Seth Rich questions election commission about ballot integrity. New lead?

  1. As we have seen from some of the comments at various sites many have grown weary hearing about murder of Seth Rich.

    It is unfortunate that many have begun to feel this way.

    The elites of the DNC, HRC, Podesta, Wasserman-Schultz and the rest of the criminal cabal who had Seth Rich murdered know that if they let the story alone long enough we the peons will eventually tire of it and it may just magically go away.

    His Name is Seth Rich!.


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